Small fluffy dogs – Fluffy dog breeds

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier is one of the many small fluffy dogs. It has a short stature, but it is relatively bigger than Chihuahua dog. It is really popular breed among pet owners. You will find almost every Yorkshire Terrier decorated, as pet owners love to decorate them with ribbons and wearing complete filamentous long haired along with a character that is naughty. This dog has a glamour.

It is one of the healthiest dogs and also is very strong, energetic and lively by its nature. And other positive point of Yorkshire Terrier is that it does not shed much hence it is not a rough or rustic dog like other dogs. This dog has moderate legs- not too short and not too long.

The historical background of Yorkshire Terrier is that it was developed for catching up rats in the industries and to run away wandering dogs. This dog is really great when it comes to watch dogs. They are also great companion as they are truly family friendly.


Poodle is another small fluffy dog type. It is very intelligent dog and it is the one who loves to hunt dogs. Back in Germany, this dog was famous for hunting dogs even into the waters. There is another conception about this dog that this dog is originated from France. There are different types of Poodle dogs, such as, mini dog, canine and dog toy three. The difference between these dogs is of size.

Bearded Coolie

The origin of Bearded Collie dog is of England. It is also called by others names too, i.e. Highland Coolie and Bearded Coolie. The reason to call him Bearded Coolie is that it has long beard. This is a medium-sized and it has moderate hair on its body. A trademark body structure, ensured to the lower part of the body clear body. This dog is one of the robust dogs. However, it is not a dog who lumbers. It is very sharp, curious assertion, is one of the exceptional characteristics of this Bearded Coolie dog. These dogs are very beautiful and pet-owners have a special kind of attachment with these types of dogs.

Bearded Coolie is very fond of having activities out of the home.  As far as the shape of Bearded Coolie is concerned, it resembles to English Shepherd. Essentially the body than the tall and dainty, without tail. At first from Scotland, according to the layer a since truly a while prior haired and short-haired, as demonstrated by a broad and minimal size two.

Bearded Coolie is really a savvy, welcoming, enthusiastic, energetic and have a very eye-catching personality. It is also one of the strongest breed ever. It is healthy and very attractive and loves to play all the times.  The character of Bearded Coolie is extraordinary, amicable and straightforward. This dog knows that how to please his owner and proves itself to be the right family companion.

black Yorkie outside

Coton De Tulear

The Coton De Tulear is another very beautiful yet small fluffy dog. It is of a very small size but has a coat that resembles to cotton. This dog is famous for its intelligence and is one of the most expressive dogs.

Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan terrier’s origin is from Tibet. It is a dog which is designed to survive in harsh weathers. Because this dog belongs to a region that is very cold, therefore, it has a double coat so that it can save itself from harsh weather. It is one of the most loyal pet and is always ready to please his owner. It is also very sensitive, devoted and carries a lot of emotions. Because it is sensitive, therefore it is not that open socially. It is a shy dog.